MORE Photos

Tall pines with ground

Succession with pines and oaks

Sunset Florida west coast

Swamp areas with mangrove roots

Beach grass at sunset Florida west coast

Spanish moss on trees actually killing them

Using a sepia toner

Shingle creek on a calm day

As I look through these photos this one is a possible black and white conversion photo. Good composition, good texture, framed by the trees.
Sunrise in Florida

Sunrise in Florida

Ferns as underbrush

Swamp and woodlands

I need to get more sky in my photos and paintings. Many of the Highwaymen paintings all have low horizons. My next objective: MORE SKY!!!

Palmetto leaves study

This is where I live - I see these trees every day

Palm trees at Rollins College

Tree and reflection in Suawanee. Taken
on my trip back from Tallahassee. A very LONG 5 hr. trip.
native flowers on edge of Shingle Creek

woodlands and palmettos

It's not often one can catch a butterfly with wings open -  And so I end my collection here with this beautiful little photo. But I will never end my desire and love of landscapes, the environment and particularly my art. Have camera, will travel!

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