Advice from Clyde Butcher: 

He likes you to experience the landscape that he is photographing.

Influenced by Ansel Adams and to use a large format camera.

Looking at the light: morning has good light.  Will wait for as long as it takes to get the good lighting for his photos.

Light and reflections important

Knowledge of weather -  great weather to CB is tornadoes, big clouds, storms

 Photograph that which you are interested in.  Follow what you love. don't follow what someone else does. Follow your heart.


The above link is for the latest magazine published online about Clyde Butcher and his photography. (You will see his resemblance to Ansel Adams)  His love of black and white photography and the conservation of our water supply here in Florida is a wonderful support.



Photography technique

“I want people to view my work up close,” says Butcher about his desire to create very large prints.  “When you’re in nature you’re scanning from the log to the tree to the bird to the water and your mind puts the images together to create the feeling of the scene.  When you view my large prints your mind does the same thing because you cannot see the image all at once.  And sharpness is the key to it.  Your eyes – your brain – wants things to be clear and sharp.  All of that makes the viewer relate to my images in a way that is similar to the peace felt when being out in nature.  I want my images to create a positive emotion in people, with the hope that they carry that emotion out into their lives to make the world a better place in which to live.”  (used by permission and taken  from http://www.clydebutcher.com/technical-info.cfm)

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